August 9 Update: Quicker Loan Creation and Search, New Lender Assignments, and Upload More Document Types

Posted August 17, 2016 by Amber Hanneken & filed under Updates

New Collaboration and Post Closing Features

We've made loan creation quicker and easier.

Manually creating loans within Simplifile Collaboration is now improved. When you click “Create Loan,” you’ll now see a new prompt screen with easier data entry and fewer fields. Applying templates is now simpler too, as you’ll only see templates based on the “Purpose” and “State” selected.
You can still easily upload your MISMO 3.3 loan information from the top right.

Find loans faster by filtering and sorting.

We know you’re often working on multiple loans at a time and juggling a lot of information. To help you prioritize and work more efficiently, we’ve added sorting and filtering tools to the Loans tab. The filters and sort options you select will be remembered even if you switch between card and list view or log out and log back in. Stay tuned for more options soon.

Lenders can filter by the settlement company assigned to the loan and sort by last modified, creation, and closing date.

Settlement agents who belong to more than one organization can also now toggle between organizations from the card view instead of having to go to their e-recording pages.

We’ve reduced white noise with lender assignments.

Previously, all lender users in an organizations received notifications for all loans within that organization. To allow users to focus on their specific assignments, users now must be assigned to a loan. Only assigned users will receive notifications.

You can easily assign yourself to a loan by clicking “Assign to me” in the Loan Info tab. Use the dropdown below to assign multiple users within your organization.

You’ll also now see the “Mine/All” toggle to filter the loans you’re assigned to versus all loans within your organization.

Lender users can now upload any document.

In a perfect world, all collaboration would happen within Simplifile. However, we know that you may have documents sent from a settlement agent before they choose to upload on Simplifile. Now lender users can add documents previously restricted to settlement agents within Simplifile, so all information related to the loan stays together.

Thanks for your suggestions and stay tuned for the next update. Many improvements and new features come from your feedback. See something you’d like added in a future update? Email us at with your suggestions.