June 1 Update: Additional Admin Controls, Improved Document Visibility, and More

Posted June 06, 2016 by Travis Ryan & filed under Updates

Here’s what’s new in our June 1 update. Many improvements and new features come
from your feedback. See something you’d like added in a future update? Email us at
feedback@simplifile.com with your suggestions.

New E-recording Features

Our newest video is now available in Help & Support.

Our 16-minute training video covers everything you need to know about submitting documents for erecording
and is now conveniently available from within the Help & Support tab.

Admins can now export user lists.
Admins now have the ability to export a list of users into a CSV or Excel file from the Users / Roles page
under the Account tab. Simply select the users then select “Export User List” under the Actions

Requested Improvements

You'll now see the document type in search results and messages within the Message Center now
display in order of posted date.

New Collaboration and Post Closing Features

Lender admins have more control over what fees are linked or not linked.

A title company may want to provide a rebate for multiple services to the seller (Section M) without a
linked adjustment on the borrower side (Section K). In the past, some of these fees were linked;
meaning if a user added a fee in section M, Simplifile automatically added it in section K as well.
Now lender admins can use the fee set manager to unlink fees that are by default tied together.

Notice the symbol link next to fees that are linked by default to another section. Clicking these will open
an editing screen where you can uncheck the “Linked” box to turn off linking. Changes will affect all the
loans created within your organization after the changes to the fee set are activated.

You now have even more visibility into document actions.

Our May 18 update added action items to loan cards, which alert you to the number of documents
needing uploaded by you. With this update, you’ll also see documents needing to be uploaded by the
other user, which will be marked pending.

Once you’ve completed work waiting on you (see at right), you’ll see the work pending the other user
(example at left).

The Documents tab navigation has been improved.

We changed the way the Documents tab is sorted, making it much easier to navigate. You’ll now see
documents in the order of work that needs to be done.

First, you’ll see documents that are required to be uploaded by your organization. Note the orange around
the text indicating work for you to do. Next, you’ll see documents that might be optionally uploaded by
your organization for the loan. Third is any items pending the other party (with required taking precedent
over optional). Note the blue around the text indicating you’re waiting on the other party. Lastly, all
uploaded documents will be sorted alphabetically.

Easily see the number of items pending from other users.

You’re likely used to seeing a number in orange next to the Documents or Disclosures tab indicating work
that is waiting to be done by you. Now we’ve added blue numbers to show work that is waiting to be done
by the other user. If you see a number in blue, you’ll know there are no tasks waiting for you.

Here, the number in orange shows two documents needing uploaded by you. While the number in blue
shows there are two fees needing reviewed by the other user.

Thanks for your suggestions and stay tuned for the next update. Remember, you can send your
comments and suggestions at any time to feedback@simplifile.com.