June 13 Update: New Reports Option and Quick Loan Search for Collaboration Users

Posted June 20, 2016 by Amber Hanneken & filed under Updates

Here’s what’s new in our June 13 update. Many improvements and new features come from your feedback. See something you’d like added in a future update? Email us at feedback@simplifile.com with your suggestions.

New Collaboration and Post Closing Features

You can now download a variety of reports.

You’ll now find a new “Reports” tab in your left navigation bar. From there you can select from three report types: stagnant loans, outstanding post closing, and productivity as well as a number of date range options.

  • The stagnant loans report lists all loans which have been assigned to a settlement company but have not moved to “in progress.”
  • The outstanding post closing report gives you a list of all loans which have been submitted for recording but have not finalized.
  • The productivity report includes all loans within the selected date range with an overview of every action taken, including timestamps.

Once you’ve selected your report type and date range, click “Download” to get your report in a CSV spreadsheet. Look for more reporting options in the future.

The “Find / Add” search feature now reflects the combined B and C sections.

Simplifile has combined sections B and C for a long time, however we wanted to make that more clear. When using the “Find / Add Fee on a Loan” tool under Disclosures, you’ll see we’ve clearly marked “B/C. Services Borrower Did (Not) Shop For.” Anything listed in both sections will be found under this heading.

More easily move to another loan without going back to the main menu.

Sometimes when you’re viewing one loan, you remember you need to do something on another assignment. With the new "search loans" feature in the top right of any tab, you can quickly find and jump to another loan without going back to the main menu.

Thanks for your suggestions and stay tuned for the next update. Remember, you can send your comments and suggestions at any time to feedback@simplifile.com.