June 6 Update: Download Multiple Reports, Rerun Reports, Drag and Drop Docs, Custom Reports, and More

Posted June 08, 2017 by Amber Hanneken & filed under Updates

New E-recording Features

You can now download multiple reports at once.

You can now select multiple reports and download them all at once from My Recent Reports.

We added options to rerun reports.

On the Reports page, you’ll now see the option to rerun reports you’ve run previously. This makes it easier and quicker to refresh information.

Number of unregistered counties is now displayed.

On the Counties page, you’ll now see a number next to Register More Counties indicating how many counties you don’t yet have registered with your Simplifile account.

News page added for counties.

You’ll now see News in the menu. This page will contain noteworthy information that may affect e-recording in your county or state.

Help & Support added for counties.

You now have access to helpful videos, documentation, and contact information for our support team from the main menu.

New Collaboration and Post Closing Features

You can now drag and drop to upload documents.

On the Documents page, you can now drag files from your desktop on to a document placeholder to begin uploading that document.

You can now chat on a document placeholder.

We’ve added the ability to chat about a document placeholder that is pending upload. This allows both parties to discuss the status of a pending document or ask questions directly about the document in question.

Save custom report configuration.

If you have a report configuration you use often, you can now create and save a custom report under Reports. Simply select Custom under Report Type, select your report under Saved Reports, and Save.

Set a preferred agent when adding a settlement company.

When using Quick Add to assign a loan to a settlement company, you’ll now see a checkbox to indicate the primary contact is a Preferred Agent. This means the primary contact will be automatically requested as the preferred agent for this assignment. This saves a step over having to manually request an agent after company assignment.

Thanks for your suggestions and stay tuned for the next update. Many improvements and new features come from your feedback. See something you’d like added in a future update? Email us at feedback@simplifile.com or use the “Send Feedback” button within the application.