Keeping Your Data Secure: The Case Against Email

Posted May 23, 2017 by Amber Hanneken

Email security is constantly making headlines. It seems a week doesn’t go by without a new phishing or ransomware scheme causing major problems for businesses and individuals. One of the most recent attacks, known as Wannacry, affected more than 200,000 computers in 150 countries, according to CNET.

Every time one of these incidents occurs, security experts and IT professionals remind people to take precautions when handling email. This advice often includes strengthening spam filters, not opening attachments from unfamiliar sources, identifying common scam tactics, and implementing software to scan emails.

It’s enough to make anyone’s head spin – especially when you’re regularly using email to send and receive documents from outside sources. It’s hard to blame a settlement agent for opening an attachment from the fake John Smith with ABG Lending when they’ve been working all week with the real John Smith of ABC Lending.

The inability of email to be a truly secure communication platform between lenders and settlement agents is one of the reasons we created Simplifile Collaboration. By requiring one secure platform for both parties to work on documents, it eliminates the need for email and even phone communication. Thus, you don’t need to worry about questionable attachments and potential fake accounts.

With Collaboration, all parties are able to receive, track, share, and validate documents and fees using Simplifile. Built-in messaging allows lenders and settlement agents to discuss changes, updates, and deficiencies instantly on a document and fee level. Since all work is done within one system, there’s real-time visibility into each other’s processes, which is not only more secure but prevents errors and miscommunication inherent with email.

While most organizations have security measures in place to protect data on their servers, they may not provide the same level of security for their email or telephone systems. Communicating via these mediums can inadvertently expose sensitive consumer data to unauthorized access by outside parties. When you’re working within Simplifile, you can be assured you’re under our time-tested, secure servers.

We’ve always been proactive in ensuring you never have to worry about the security of your documents, information, and recordings as a Simplifile customer. Our information technology team applies SSL encryption, intrusion detection systems, log monitoring, and more to maintain the security of all customer, employee, and company data and information. Learn more about our security measures, including disaster protection, here.

To learn more about Simplifile Collaboration and make the switch from email collaboration, watch our video.