October 4 Update: Add Title Companies to Loans, Preliminary Status Filter, and More

Posted October 06, 2016 by Amber Hanneken & filed under Updates

New Collaboration and Post Closing Features

Title companies can now be added to a loan.

In addition to lender and settlement assignments, title companies can now be assigned to a loan separately. The title administrator can then add individual title agents to the loan as well. This can be done from the “Loan Info” page and does not affect the status of a loan.

New filter added for preliminary title status.

You can now filter loans in the list by their preliminary title status (pending, delivered, or not requested). Simply select from the “Title Filter” dropdown under “Loans.”

Easily view details and make changes to documents.

When you click on a document in the “Documents” page, you’ll now be taken to a detailed view where you can upload a new version of that doc, change the doc type, view any communication associated with this doc, see previous versions, and more.

You can now select why a loan is being archived.

For more visibility, you can now select a reason a loan is being archived from a new dropdown of common responses. You can also select “Other” and type in a specific reason.

Borrower and seller emails are now optional.

We’ve made the “Email” field when adding borrower and seller contacts optional.

Thanks for your suggestions and stay tuned for the next update. Many improvements and new features come from your feedback. See something you’d like added in a future update? Email us at feedback@simplifile.com with your suggestions.