Settings for Auto Submission and Banking Export Report

Posted November 06, 2017 by Amber Hanneken & filed under Tips

Did you know Simplifile has a number of settings our account reps can help you change?

Here’s a list of some your organization may find useful. If you’re interested in turning any of these features on in your Simplifile account, simply email to get started.

Schedule Automated Submissions

  • With this feature activated, you can schedule a submission date for packages and they’ll be automatically submitted to the county on the date you select.

  • The following settings are associated with the Banking Export Report.

    Always Display Sales Tax Column

  • When this is selected, the sales tax column is always included on the report even if none of the transactions are charged sales tax.

  • Separate NACHA Descriptions for Each County

  • This makes it easier to see which ACH transaction went to which county.

  • Show Fee Estimate

  • Shows our estimated fee before submission.

  • Show Recipient State

  • Shows the state along with the county name.

  • Replace Type Column with Submitter Package ID

  • Useful if you use a custom Submitter Package ID field. Instead of showing document type, the report will show the SPID.

  • Show Package Creation User

  • Displays the full name of the user who created the package.

  • Show First Submission Date

  • Shows the date the package was first submitted. If rejected twice before recording, the first rejection date will appear.

  • Show Submission User

  • Displays the full name of the user who submitted the package. If rejected, shows the person who submitted it successfully.

  • Show Final Submission Date

  • Shows the date the package was last submitted.

  • Show Submitter Document ID

  • If your organization uses an API with Simplifile, you may have your own unique identifier for each document. If so, this setting will show that in the report.

  • Show the Cost Center

  • Shows the six-character submitter organization ID for each package. This is useful if the report includes multiple organizations.

  • Contact and let us know which of these features you’d like to activate.